The First Starship Orbital Test Flight is Scheduled For January 2022, According to SpaceX

To put it lightly, SpaceX’s plans for a timely Starship orbital mission haven’t gone as planned, but there may be optimism on the horizon.

Glamsquad Magazine gathered that, Elon Musk announced during a joint conference of space research boards that his business plans to launch the first Starship orbital mission in January 2022. The CEO was quick to admit that there was a “lot of risk” and that SpaceX might not succeed, but he expected the crew to make “a lot of progress.”

Musk noted that there could be a dozen more launches in 2022. The timetable is also dependent on the FAA’s examination of SpaceX’s Boca Chica launch facility’s environmental effect. The agency aims to complete its evaluation by the end of 2021, although a delay could cause future Starship launches to be delayed.

When Starship reaches space, the vehicle may become economically viable pretty shortly after. Musk estimated that SpaceX could begin selling Starship launches for less than the Falcon 9 in around two years. As a result, SpaceX may gain substantial revenue and be able to build more Starships for space tourism and missions to Mars. Musk informed gathering attendees that Earth might require 1,000 launch systems to support true interplanetary life, and that he planned to build Starships rapidly.


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