‘The Cavemen sing in flawed Igbo language’ – Rapper, Illbliss

Tobechukwu Ejiofor, better known as Illbliss, a Nigerian rapper, has revealed that he once told musical duo The Cavemen that their Igbo is flawed.

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The Cavemen are well-known for their interpretations of highlife music in English, Pidgin, and Igbo.

Illbliss stated in the latest episode of the Drink with Killz podcast, hosted by Ikechukwu Killz, that The Cavemen’s Igbo lyrics are flawed.

“I was in the studio with The Cavemen last month, trying to make music,” he explained. ‘Your Igbo is so flawed,’ I told them. You’re not even saying the words correctly.

“But nobody is more Eastern, nobody carries the Southeast on their back like them. Those boys have some books… Whenever I go to their literary, I’m seeing ‘There Was A Country’ by Chinua Achebe, [Emeka] Ojukwu’s memoir. Bro, they are absolutely very entrenched in the language.”

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