The busy girl’s workout guide

Women who work in white collar environments seldom have time to visit the gym. For married sisters among us, fitness trainers have created this easy workout manual for you to follow and help you with diet and short exercise habits you can apply during the day and even while at work.

  1. Stairways: Forget the temptations of the elevator; take the stairs! Work those thigh muscles and, if possible, take the steps two at a time; up and down, two times. All you need is 5 minutes.
  1. Celebratory Split Squat Jumps: Spread your feet a few feet apart, step the left leg back two feet and balance on the ball of your foot. Next, lower into a lunge and then lift yourself in a jump motion and try and land while exchanging feet back to former position but this time with right leg back and left forward.
  1. Cubicle Wanderer: Walking during work is totally under-rated. Take a stroll down the hall to catch up with co-workers or welcome a new employee. Or, instead of dialing extensions and sending lazy emails to the manager two doors down, put in some face time. Just beware of tempting candy jars when making the rounds.
  1. Shake it off: There’s no better exercise than dance and it doesn’t matter where you are. You can move that body without being categorized as crazy. During your lunch break, put on some hip-hop music or you can do the salsa and sway those hips for at least ten minutes. There’s nothing more relaxing than this.

      5. Wall (Street) Sit: Wall sits are great for building strength and endurance. Stand up and lean your back          against the wall, slide down to the ground until your knees are parallel to your chest; then, drop legs down slowly until they are parallel to the floor. Repeat movement for 15 seconds and repeat.

  1. Buzz-feed twist : For more blood circulation, try crossing the right ankle over the left knee, hold for 15 seconds, then switch! This helps fight muscle pull caused by sitting in one place for too long.
  1. Seat Squeeze: Sitting for long tends to flatten the bum; believe it or not. Tone your buttocks simply by constricting the buttocks muscles (no hands); hold for 5-10 seconds, and then release. Repeat for at least 5 minutes. The results will be uplifting in more ways than one.
  1. V-toner: Most ladies complain about being too loose in her lady area. The V-toner is an exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime. In fact, I’m doing in right now. Contract your vagina muscles and hold for as long as possible, then release. This exercise is excellent for tightening and helps in more ways than one. So, don’t be shy; tone her up.
  1. Arm toner: This exercise can be done standing or sitting. Take two 75cl bottles of water and stretch out your arms, slowly bend elbow inwards back and forth on both arms for at least 30 seconds each. Repeat motion over again for at least 10 minutes.

 Dips: Dips can be done anywhere. Using a sturdy desk or a non-rolling chair, sit at the very edge and place hands on either side of your body, while gripping the chair’s edge. With the feet planted on the floor, slightly raise body weight with hands and carry your weight up and down. Do this for 5 minutes; 5-10 reps at 2 minutes each.


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