The 5 Best Types of Pushups and How to do Them

Push up
Push up

From CrossFit to yoga if someone wants to work out there is a workout that will best fit their needs. Some people however are finding that they just want to go back to the basics. They don’t want to buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment or pay for a rarely used gym membership. Going back to the basics is extremely easy and beneficial. There is much to be said about the original exercise such as going for a jog, taking a swim, or just doing push-ups.

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Push-ups are one of the most used and underrated exercises you can do. Many people just see them as an addition to their daily routine, but it turns out, push-ups can be a workout routine all on their own. So, if you don’t have the time or the money to set up a home gym check out this list of the 5 best types of pushups and how to do them.

The Standard Push-up

We can’t talk about push-ups without mentioning the standard across the board. This push-up is likely the one you learned in middle school PE class and the one you are still trying to do every time someone talks you into a push-up contest. It works out your :

  • chest
  • triceps
  • shoulders
  • and core

It is important to learn this one correctly first before moving on to any of the more difficult ones, if your form is incorrect on the standard push-up, it is likely that your form will be wrong on the more difficult ones.

To do the standard push-up you will put yourself into the plank position. Your back is kept in a neutral position. Keep your feet together and your hands about shoulder-width apart. From this position lower yourself down, keeping your body straight. Lower yourself until your forearms are parallel to the ground. Next, push back up into the starting position keeping your core tight. Repeat until you have reached the amount you want to do or until you feel your form start to get sloppy.

The Incline Push-up

If you are just starting out on your push-up journey the standard push-up might still be a little out of your league. Starting with the incline pushup is a great way to build strength in the same muscles you will use once you level up to the standard push-up.

Push-ups are extremely dependent on good form. If you are doing push-ups incorrectly due to not having enough strength you can injure yourself. It is important to insure you are doing them at your level, so the incline push-up is a great starting point for anyone without upper body strength.

Doing the incline push-up is very similar to the standard except you will be using a table or shelf to brace yourself against. Start with a table about chest height and place your hands against it. Both feet and hands should be about shoulders width apart. Slowly lean forward using your hands to brace yourself. Once your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, push yourself back. Repeat as many times as recommended for your strength level.


The Spiderman Push-up

Once you have mastered the standard, the Spiderman push-up is a great one to do when you are focusing on your core strength. It is named the Spider-Man push-up because it resembles Spiderman climbing up the side of a building. It is not too much more difficult than the standard in terms of upper body strength and is a great way to change things up.

Spiderman Push-up
Spiderman Push-up

To do the Spiderman push-up start in the standard push-up formation and begin to lower yourself toward the ground. As you lower yourself, also bring up one knee to touch its corresponding elbow. Push back up and place the leg back in its starting position. When you lower yourself for the second time bring up the other leg. Continue in this pattern until you have finished your set. Ensuring you do the same number of repetitions on each side.


The Sphinx Push-up

When you are ready to go to hard mode and really focus on your triceps you can try out the sphinx push-up. This push is also known as the triceps extension and for good reason. Its entire design is to strengthen the triceps with dips. It is a harder one and can be made harder simply by moving your arms forward.

Start in a plank position but keep your forearms flat on the floor. Your arms will be about shoulder-width apart and your hands should be placed slightly in front of your face. Push up from this position using your triceps. When your arms are fully extended you will lower yourself back down but not touch your forearms to the mat. Repeat until you have finished your set. Or until your arms give out, whichever comes first.


The Flying Push-Up

If you have already mastered all the above push-ups and are looking for something that really pushes, you in both strength and agility then the flying push-up is the one you need to be learning. The flying push-up requires extreme power in order to get your entire body up into the air. It also comes with more risk, so make sure you are up to the challenge before attempting this one.

The flying push-up starts the same way as the standard but changes drastically in the second half. Once you have lowered yourself down, powerfully push yourself back up in an explosion of strength. You should explode upward hard enough to bring both your hands and feet off the ground while keeping your back straight. Land with flexible elbows lowering yourself back down. Repeat as many times as needed.

No matter where you are in your exercise journey there is a push-up that will work for you. Push-ups are great for building fantastic upper body strength and will keep you feeling strong and healthy though out your entire life.

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