“Thank God for life” –TBoss pens emotional note to herself as she marks 39th birthday


Reality TV star Tokunbo Idowu, also known as TBoss has written an emotional note to herself as she turns 39 today, March 9.

The stunning mother of one expressed her deepest gratitude to her creator for the gift of life and pleaded for strength to be a wonderful mother to her daughter Star.

TBoss said birthdays are becoming strange for her because she can’t get over the disappointment she feels in all facets of her life, which causes her to isolate herself from everyone.

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She also revealed that she has been experiencing an emotional overload lately. She is, nevertheless, striving to improve.

She wrote:

“The 1st thing I did the moment I opened my eyes this morning was Thank God for life and then pray to be not just at a Good Mum but to be a Great Mum to my Daughter because she deserves it and more.

“I haven’t really been feeling like myself lately- too many emotions running all over the place, birthdays are becoming weird for me, tooo many disappointments from friends & trusted associates that I think it’s just made me disconnect from Everything & Everyone. And I’m trying to bring myself back, snap outta my funk cos I feel it’s affecting my relationships but it’s hard- Trust me when I tell you that people are going through soooo much behind closed doors that they don’t speak about, are ashamed to speak about so Kindness truly goes a long way to making them feel like there’s still some atom of humanity in this otherwise inhumane world.

“And then I remembered to pray for myself. I really need to stop doing this cos I can only Give my Best when I am at my Best. So yeah Today’s my Birthday and it’s Amazing to see how far I’ve come and how much my priorities have changed, I didn’t even get to do no photo shoots like TBoss’ would have. I mean I had done 9 a couple of years ago and posted up a completely new and totally dope shoot every day from the 1st till the 9th of March but heyyy This is Me now and I just want to say thank you and I love you so much yo the people who have been blowing up my phone all morning and sent me tons of messages amongst other show of love. May God bless us All. In Everything Give thanks and so Today join me in Thanking God for All that He’s done and All that He’s about to do”.

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