Tewa Onasanya Announces Exquisite Lady Of the Year (ELOY) Awards

In 2009 a long conceived idea came to life, the Exquisite Lady Of the Year (ELOY) Awards, the first ever successful award ceremony of its kind was packaged and executed by Exquisite magazine, led by its publisher Tewa Onasanya also the creator of ELOY.

The spotlight is beaming on women, It is evident in Nigeria and around the world, as policymakers and business support organizations are waking up to the idea that women are good for the economic prosperity of the nation. Financial institutions, the government and others are recognizing the untapped potential of women.

The exquisite magazine is organizing the tenth edition of the Exquisite Lady of the Year (ELOY) Awards. The ELOY Awards is first of its kind to be held in Nigeria. The aim is to have it grow each year as we recognize and award outstanding women and their roles in the society. From their humble beginnings, they have grown to become people other women and men admire and emulate while striving for success

The ELOY Awards, celebrating women of excellence.

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The ELOY Awards are for Exquisite ladies in different fields who will be nominated and voted for by you. We are looking for nominations in the categories above who have been active during the ELOY period of Dec 2017 to date, they will then be shortlisted and the final categories and nominees announced in September.


Criteria for Nominee:


The criteria for the ELOY Awards focus on the character of the individual, her ability and achievements and how her work impacts the Nigerian society.


Must have a proven record of:


1. Direct leadership: responsible for the duties of others in a business environment. The leadership ability to affect human behaviour and accomplish a mission. Must be capable of influencing people to achieve set goals.

2. Indirect leadership: she has earned the respect of others due to past or current achievements.

3. Service: has helped a colleague, associates to grow, develop and achieve goals and given assistance to the community.

4. Commitment: shows a level of dedication to her goals and ability to achieve them.

5. Achievement: shows evidence of growth in her business or profession.

6. Integrity: must act according to values, beliefs and principles that shape the future for the better. Actions of integrity.

7. Character: meeting her responsibilities and being a good Nigerian.


Send nominations to [email protected] or nominate online at eloyawards.com including your contact details and reasons for the nominations: In your own words, please describe in detail your nominee’s specific accomplishment with a focus on impact, the potential for growth and the ability to inspire.

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