Tacky red on Valentine’s Day? Eww! No, please.

As much as the color red is associated with ‘passion and love’ with it’s secret depictions and undeniable, wearing it on Valentine’s Day will require much more careful and deliberate combination skills as it can be a tad bit risky due to the fact that red itself is a strong and confident color.

There even is an old folklore of around the 16th century that goes that a French Queen got bored and decided to create a game in order to entertain herself.

She called upon every man and woman in her court and assign tasks to them to be carried out.

The men were to write poetry and songs of love, and the women were to dress up in their most beautiful raiments, color their lips and their cheeks with shades of red and deliver songs of love and praises to their men.

She called this game ‘The game of love’. Apparently these here and there practices carried and passed from generations down are what we now call ‘modern day romance’.

We see here that the color red is of great significance and hence stemming it’s representation of love and passion.

On this day set aside to celebrate love and all that it represents (as it applies to every one individually), we come across all shades, styles and combinations of red outfits, some appear really simple, classy and beautiful, while some are outright ridiculous.

Lol. Some will awe you and some will leave you mischievously smirking.

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