Sydney Talker’s biography, awards and achievements

Sydney Talker is a Nigerian skit maker and influencer.

Known for his hilarious facial expressions and dance moves with a white towel wrapped around his waist, Sydney Talker is sometimes tagged as the Mr Bean of Nigeria.


Sydney Talker was born Sydney Egere on 26th January 1996.

The Instagram comedian hails from Benin City, Edo state. However, he was born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. Sydney Talker was raised by his single mom who was divorced by her husband at Sydney’s tender age.

He has been able to successfully dominate the entertainment Industry with his hilarious skits and mode of approach.

Sydney Talker: Age

Sydney Talker was born in 1996. that puts him at 27 years of age in 2023.

Sydney Talker: relationship

Netizens are often curious to know the relationship statuses of celebrities.

In the case of Sydney Talker, it cannot be assumed that he is in a serious relationship because he has never put out that part of his life. Even though Sydney Talker often makes videos with good-looking ladies, he is assumed to be single.

Sydney Talker: Education

Sydney Talker studied computer science at the University of Benin. The comedian settled for the course out of an interest in videography. Although videography is not typically taught as a major course in computer science in Nigerian universities, Sydney’s passion was not dampened.

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Sydney Talker: Comedy

Despite being raised by his mother after his parents divorced when he was young, Sydney Talker brings joy to many Nigerians. He draws inspiration from the things happening around him and creates videos that everyone can relate to.

Sydney Talker gained popularity in 2016 with the release of his comedy skit titled “The Poor Power Supply.”

Sydney Talker earned the nickname ‘Mr. Bean of Nigeria’ because of his humorous expressions.

However, he has faced criticism for promoting sexual harassment in some of his comedy skits. Regarding his funny face, he mentioned that it initially started as a spontaneous act in his videos. However, it was Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham-Ajewole who recognized the uniqueness of his concept. From then on, he began focusing on making his facial expressions even funnier.

Sydney Talker: Controversy

In 2020, Sydney Talker was involved in a Coronavirus controversy.

On Instagram, Sydney Talker shared a video of himself showing some symptoms of Covid-19.

Following this, he called out the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for not attending to him after he made several calls.

SydneyTalker claimed that NCDC initially disregarded his concerns, thinking it was just a tactic for a new comedy skit. However, he was eventually tested, and the results came back negative.

Sydney faced criticism from fans who believed he was seeking attention for cheap publicity, but he has openly denied these accusations.

Sydney Talker: Net worth

Having amassed over half a million followers on Instagram and gained thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel, it is often a difficult task to know how much a celebrity is worth.

Sydney Talker’s net worth is an estimated $250,000

Sydney Talker’s awards and nominations

  • Nigeria Skits Industry Award
  • Ghana Entertainment Awards USA
  • Nigeria’s 25 Under 25 Awards
  • African choice award
  • Online comedian of the Year

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