Stylish With Your Bag Without Matching Them With Your Shoes!

Matching a bag with your outfit is not a prerequisite to a good style.

However, even if you can not get it matching with your dress, as long as it’s synced with your shoes or jewelry you are good to go.

Alternatively, you are definitely going to garner admiration in the utmost form if you are able to get the right bag/outfit combo.

A key basic rule to remember is that you should always be wearing one neutral color.

Typically, people match their handbag to the shoes they are wearing. If you like to wear casual or soft flowing clothes, your handbag should match the look.

Following a few tips from style girl Ariyiike Dimples. In Ariyiike’s earlier days, matching her bags with her shoes was paramount to her style.

And she didn’t it in many variations.

See five looks below: