Style/Fashion tips for the ladies with curves.

Notice I didn’t use the word plus sized? Well that’s because I believe you can work that curvaceous body to your advantage if you just dressed for the size you are, and not the size you want to be. I understand that fashion images of thin models in clothes that seem to fit perfectly can tempt the more curvy ladies to make fashion decisions that could end up disastrous; but the key is to dress to flatter your body, and not wear outfits that cling to your body. Avoid baggy clothes because they’ll make you look bigger and tight clothes because they’ll not only show off your curves but the flaws that come with them. (Well Yes, No one has a perfect body)!

So below are some style tips that help you work with your curves:

Your inner wear is just as important as your outer wear. Invest in well fitting bras and shape wears that will hide all imperfections *wink*

Avoid pants/skirts with big bands on the waistline as they make your waist look bigger. Opt for outfits with slimmer waistlines. Make skinny belts your friend as well, as they help to define your waistline.

Minimal Accessories, great skirt length (Curvy girls)

Low necklines (not necessarily plunging necklines) give the illusion of a long neck as well as making it look slimmer. Higher necklines make your neck disappear.

The perfect skirt length is just either above the knee cap or just below the knee cap. A pencil skirt is absolutely perfect for your curves.

Great Skirt Length (Curvy girls)


Accessorizing is good; but the less chunky, the better.

funky style

Darker colours and prints make you look slimmer. Wearing black might be too cliché, so I suggest you can opt for darker shades of strong colours.


Your blouse, blazer t-shirt, tops length should be at the middle part of your bum as this gives your torso a longer look.

girly (classic) style

Heels are great at adding confidence to a woman’s total look as well giving the curvy girl some balance. However, the more bulky you are (in terms of weight), the less the height of your heel should be.

Edgy style

Hope this helps. Enjoy your curves; it’s a woman’s best asset. Most importantly, learn to dress those curves too!



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