Natasha Ndlovu is a model, photographer and fashion model at Bisous Natasha. The London based model is the very definition of laidback chic. At every given point in time, whether it’s in an elegant floor length dress or a pair of denim pants and a varsity jacket, Natasha always brings an extra layer of chill to every look she wears. Without question, Natasha definitely has the minimalist midas touch and i think it has a lot less to do with wardrobe choices and a lot more to do with her attitude. Ever heard of the phrase “The woman makes the clothes ?” Madam Bisous is the very expression of this term. Always one to make even the most glamorous of  pieces look oh so effortless without detracting from their appeal, Natasha has her style signature down to a T.  Like the pro she is, she has the one crucial element that seperates the wannabes from every true style icon and that is P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-I-T-Y. No matter what or who she wears, Natasha brings an addictive dose of her along with it and it is absolutely refreshing and fun to watch.

Afoma Aligbe

Afoma Aligbe is an avid foodie, Pr girl and roving editor with an over 5 years stint in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry. When she's not busy handling Clients or contributing articles, she spends her downtime blogging,eating and jiving to Nathaniel Bassey and Bethel Music

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