Stevie Wonder Plans To Relocate To Ghana

It looks like Ghana might just be welcoming a new citizen to its beautiful country soon and it is no other than Grammy award-winning singer Stevie Wonder.

The singer shared this while speaking on Oprah Winfrey’s show, ‘The Oprah Conversation’, emphatically stated that he did not want his descendants to have to deal with racial injustice.

Stevie Wonder Hints At Plans To Relocate To Ghana“I want to see the nation smile again, and I want to see it before I move to Ghana,” he told Oprah.

“I’m going to do that. I’m going to move permanently to Ghana.  

“Because I don’t want to see my children’s children’s children’s have to say ‘Oh please, like me. Please respect me. Please value me. What kind of sh*t is that?.

Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder further stated that he wanted the world to become a better place where hate does not exist anymore.

“I want the world to get better. I want us to get beyond this place. I want us all to go to the funeral of hate. That’s what I want,” he said.

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