Steps To Consider In Getting A Custom Necklace Design

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Everyone loves a bit of “bling”, “ice”, “va-va-voom” or whatever it is you call custom made jewellery. A custom necklace is something that is personal and when given as a gift will be treasured forever and worn on most, if not all days.
The steps to having a custom necklace design made for a loved one

You may be thinking to yourself, “great idea, but where do I start?” Here are some basic steps you will follow when going about bringing a custom necklace design to life with the help of professional custom jewellery designers and manufacturers.

1. Set up a consultation with a custom jewellery designer

You may be thinking to yourself, “great idea, but where do I start?” For a custom necklace you will need to schedule a consultation with the custom jewellery designer. Be sure to make the most of this time by doing your research beforehand. Whether this includes the person you are having the gift made for, or not, you should be prepared to be sure that the end result is exactly what they want. Ask questions, explore the internet whether the custom necklace is for you or someone else. Make the most of this time to give the designer and consultants the best understanding of exactly what it is you want.

They may even give you a rough sketch of what the end product may look like to better visualise what you have in mind. Bring them examples of what you mean if you find it difficult to explain.

2. Your designer will show you a digital version of the custom necklace design

The software used to make custom designed jewellery has come a long way since jewellery has been made. Now, designers can show you the digital design and ask if you are happy with their interpretation of the information you provided in the initial consultation. If there are any changes, they are usually minor and you can sit together while making changes on the 3D design software that is accurate to a hundredth of a millimetre.

3. Be patient, perfection takes time

A custom necklace design may take four to six week to complete, depending on how complex it is. Stay patient, if you think your custom necklace’s design is particularly complex be sure to take it in long before you intend to give it to your loved one, whether it be for a:

  • 21st Birthday
  • Sweet 16
  • Anniversary
  • Company gift for years of service

Be sure to time things well, but either way, your loved one will be overjoyed with their very own personalised piece of jewellery.

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