Stepping Into Perfection: Your Guide to a Flawless Final Wedding Gown Fitting

Stepping Into Perfection: Your Guide to a Flawless Final Wedding Gown Fitting

Finding the ideal wedding gown in the UAE includes visiting different bridal boutiques, trying on various ensembles and going through at least three fittings. Although these steps are time-consuming and tiring, you need to go through all of them to have the perfect dress on your big day.

You can breathe a sigh of relief when you reach the final wedding gown fitting. At this stage, you only need to check that everything you requested during the prior fittings has been implemented.
But even if the final fitting doesn’t take up a lot of time, you still need to make the most of it to ensure your wedding gown complements your unique silhouette and you are comfortable wearing it for several hours.
It is the last stage that lets you put the final touches on the most important and beautiful dress you will wear in your life.

Making the Most of Your Final Wedding Gown Fitting
If you want to go through the final fitting correctly to ensure you have the perfect wedding dress, follow these tips:

Bring the right undergarments.
Wearing lingerie that pairs well with your wedding gown can help the seamstress make any additional adjustments to ensure it fits your body perfectly. Moreover, you can decide if the undergarments you plan to wear on your big day are your best options or if you need to change them.

The ideal undergarments to wear under your gown should fit your body properly to give you an attractive silhouette while still providing support. They should also go with or complement your wedding dress.
For instance, if you chose a gown with a sweetheart or off-shoulder neckline, you should pick a strapless bra or corset. If you’re wearing a form-fitting wedding dress, you need seamless underwear.

Opt for nude hues when shopping for undergarments since they blend better with natural skin tones. However, if you prefer white, try them with your wedding gown under different lighting to ensure they are not noticeable.

Remember your accessories.
On your final fitting, make sure you bring your wedding shoes, veil, jewelry and other accessories you plan to wear on your nuptial day.

Your choice of accessories can complete and elevate your bridal look. You need to know beforehand if they work with your outfit, if you have to change them, or get additional ones to wear.

Also, make sure you bring your wedding shoes on your last fitting. Check if their height and length allow your hemline to touch the ground lightly.
If your heels are too high and the hem falls above your shoes or ankles, your dress may look less elegant. However, if your gown is too long, you might end up tripping over. You need to look into this carefully during your final fitting to ensure you have the perfect footwear on your wedding day.

Move a lot.
Ensuring you can move freely in your wedding dress is a crucial part of your last fitting, especially if you had it altered. It is important that your gown doesn’t restrict your movement too much so that you can be comfortable and enjoy your wedding day.

Below are some tips and steps for checking if you can move freely while wearing your wedding ensemble:
Walk around the room or bridal boutique and up and down steps. Make sure the gown isn’t too tight or you’ll have trouble moving from one place to another.
Sit on a chair to check if you can do it without difficulty and feel comfortable sitting for long periods. Take note of how quickly or slowly you can stand up as well.

Although you want to keep your shoulders back, stomach in and chin up throughout your wedding day, you will have difficulty holding this posture for several hours. Your gown should be able to let you slouch whenever you need to relax.

Simulate getting in and out of a vehicle to know if you can do this easily and comfortably. If you have trouble doing so, ensure you have one or two persons assisting you as you enter and exit the wedding car.
Try dancing. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll be bopping and twisting to music for hours, you are expected to at least slow dance with your spouse during the reception. You should be able to sway, raise your arms and put them around your husband during this part of the celebration.

Practice hugging others and think about your bathroom plan if you’re not changing your outfit during your final fitting, too.

Think about how to transport, store and care for your dress.
Create a plan to transport your wedding gown from the boutique to your home and the best way to store it before the big day. Decide who will pick it up and where to keep it so it doesn’t get dirty and wrinkled.
During your final fitting, ask the dressmaker or seamstress about crucial care instructions you have to follow. Additionally, get tips on how to spot-clean the gown if you accidentally get it dirty before your wedding.

Storing your wedding gown properly is just as important as keeping your luxury handbags in the right place, so ask the designer or seamstress for their advice on this as well.

The final fitting allows you to assess your wedding dress, address any last-minute concerns, and perfect its overall look. As such, take your time going through this important process.