Spotify Features You Should Be Using to Improve Your Listening Experience

Spotify is the most popular music app, with millions of people using it on a daily basis. But did you know that it has a plethora of features that you can use to improve your listening experience?

Spotify Features

Here are a few tips for using Spotify’s features to enhance your streaming experience.

Transitions and crossfades

You can change the app’s playback settings if you’re listening to songs with no transitions or abrupt cuts. According to HowtoGeek, simply go to Preferences and select Playback.

“Allow smooth transitions between songs in a playlist” is one option you’ll see. When listening to albums, you may have noticed that artists have arranged the tracks in such a way that the transitions between them are smooth. The setting replicates that exact effect and provides an uninterrupted listening experience.

You can also enable crossfade, which adds a fading effect between songs. So, if you set your crossfade to 5 seconds, the first song will fade out in the last 5 seconds before the second song begins to play.

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Customization of Audio

According to PopSci, Spotify has a couple of audio customization features that will ensure you have the best listening experience possible.

The Streaming and Download Quality options allow you to customize the audio quality. Higher-quality songs take up more space and bandwidth, while lower-quality songs are less clear.

The Normalize Audio feature ensures that all audio you play, whether podcasts or music, has a consistent output. It can help you have a more consistent listening experience and keeps you from fiddling with your volume all the time.

The Volume Level option adjusts the maximum volume level for all songs. If you are in a noisy environment, you can select “Loud.”

You can access all of these by going to settings and looking under “Audio Quality.”

Playlists for Collaboration and Blending

According to Mashable, if you are planning a road trip soon and want to ensure that your playlist is filled with songs from various genres, you can access the Collaborative Playlist feature on your app.

You can share the playlist’s link with your friends and family so they can edit it, add songs, remove songs, and rearrange the tracks as they see fit. It’s also possible to see who added each track to the playlist.

However, collaborators will not be able to change the playlist’s cover or name.

A Blended Playlist is another useful feature. This allows you to collaborate with your friends to create a playlist. It employs an algorithm in which your musical tastes overlap, and it generates a playlist that you both enjoy.

Folders for Playlists

Spotify’s music organization system is not the best. Playlists cannot be tagged or sorted, and the mobile apps require improvement. Playlist folders, on the other hand, are a useful feature for keeping your tracks organized.

The feature is only available on desktop computers. It allows you to organize playlists into different folders, similar to how files are organized. You can categorize your folders according to genre, location, and mood. Each playlist can be added to a different folder.

Spotify has been steadily adding features to its platform for several months.

Spotify now has a “What’s New” feature that allows users to keep track of what their favorite artists are releasing.

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