Spotify Brings TikTok-Like Feature Called ‘Discover’ with Vertical Video Feed that Feature Songs

Spotify has unveiled a new feature that focuses on a vertical video feed, dubbed “Discover” by the Swedish streaming service, and it resembles a TikTok platform in some ways. Spotify Discover will include song samples and will highlight the video that symbolizes it or a portion of its album cover, as well as a music video and cover arts.

TikTok Vertical Video Features on Spotify Discover


Chris Messina, a renowned online tech celebrity, was the first to catch wind of Spotify’s new “Discover” function, which is an addition to the tabs available at the bottom of the app. The tabs below introduce the new feature, which, when activated, displays a vertical video feed with songs, artists, and a brief film promoting the app.

Messina’s feature casts a distinct light on Spotify because it focuses on showcasing new music, artists, or albums, which would be enhanced with a short film behind it. Users can then select to play the full version of the song, add it to favorites, or have a three-button menu that focuses on other access options on the feature’s offer.

Discover on Spotify is quite similar to TikTok, a prominent Chinese app that focuses on short videos and music in a vertical video feed.


Is Spotify Discover similar to TikTok?

Spotify’s Discover features elements that are similar to TikTok’s video-sharing program and platform, although it is not quite the functionality. TikTok is a social network in which users are the platform’s creators, commentators, likers, followers, and influencers.

Many people are still confused about the Discover app’s capabilities, such as who develops the short films, commenting options, and storing a specific short video for amusement purposes.

Spotify Is Testing A TikTok-Like Music Discovery Tool - Tubefilter

Spotify’s New Functions

Despite its concentration on being a music and audio-related streaming platform, Spotify has undergone numerous big changes this year that improve the company’s interface. The streaming site is also recognized for being a social networking tool, where users may view the status of new acquaintances but also ban others from viewing their activities.

Because of the recent acquisitions of the streaming platform that brings the fresh item to look forward to, the firm is also concentrating on adding an Audiobooks function to its platform. It would be distinct from the company’s focus on podcasts, which have also been extremely popular in recent years.

A vertical video feed is the most recent addition to emerge on Spotify, and it is simply the first of many innovations that the firm will introduce to its platform as it grows. People nowadays are less interested in solitary media consumption and are more interested in the multimedia component of things, which explains the significance of Spotify’s new function.