South African Designer, JessicaJane launches Vintage Winter Range

JessicaJane launches Vintage Winter Range - Healthy Organic

South African designer Jessica Molebatsi has unveiled her winter 2021 collection under her fashion label JessicaJane.

In this collection, she focuses on bright colours such as acid yellow and cerise pink, exuding a much-needed message of positivity.

“I thought the colour was so interesting, specifically in a sequin, and it all snowballed from there. I loved working with these bright, energising colours versus the standard autumnal hues,” she said.

Molebatsi explained that the collection was inspired primarily by her extraordinary clients and her own life as a working mom to empower women.

“The essence of this collection was about enabling women to express their individuality.

“I wanted to empower the femininity within each of us, not to impose my idea of femininity onto my clients, but for the woman who wears them to remain their beautiful selves – just with an extra confidence boost,” added Molebatsi.

She said that one day, she dreams of taking this collection internationally, and feels that Spain would be a perfect fit.

“As South Africans, we tend to be timider with our fashion choices.

“The Spanish, on the other hand, are wonderfully unafraid to take risks and try things out.

“And with this collection, I am proud of its boldness and practicality,” said Molebatsi.

She added that the challenge to balance being a creative and a business owner is not for the faint of heart.

“When you are the business owner, you are often so busy working in the business, that stepping outside of it, to be this creative for however long it takes, is not easy.

“With some ranges, you can dedicate focus, and for others, you need to work under pressure.

“And sometimes limitations on your time can feed your creativity just as much as taking the time to be meticulous.”

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