Sola Sobowale redefines Adire…

Sola Sobowale

Sola Sobowale has repeatedly demonstrated that she is an exceptional script interpreter. She’s teaching us how she adds meaning and flavor to the popular Adire material this time around.
Cotton fabrics that have been indigo dyed and then painted with a resist-dying technique to create stunning blue and white designs are known as adire.
They were traditionally made and worn by women in the Yoruba region of south-western Nigeria, West Africa.

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The cloths were usually made out of two strips of factory-produced cotton that were sewn together to form a roughly square shape and used as body wraps.
Sola Sobowale is deserved of the award for best actress of the year for her outstanding performance. Her innovative performance in the movie King of Boys 1 and 2 is remembered by many.
She’s now shared a series of selfies on Instagram in which she appears to be younger than ever.

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