Social Media Drags Juliet Ibrahim Over ‘Degrading’ Statement on Poverty in Africa

Nigerians and Africans in general are really upset with Juliet Ibrahim for what they tag a ‘degrading’ comment.

Juliet Ibrahim is currently trending on Twitter – wondering why? Let’s give you a low-down.

The Nollywood actress commented on Tory Lanez‘ InstaLive which had over 250,000 viewers from all around the world. Commenting on his live video, the actress said: “If this was an African artist, many people would be begging by dropping the account number”.

In another post, she reacted to an exotic dancer pouring milk on her body. She wrote: “Chai MILK THAT SOME PEOPLE NEED TO FEED IN AFRICA”.

This didn’t go down well with Africans, especiall Nigerians who are really upset over the statement.

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