Skinny Jeans VS Skinny Jeans: What defines the worth of your Jeans

The timeless jeans come in different shapes and styles. The skinny jean is one of them. It could be plain or rugged. But how do you ensure your look does not look cheap even with your expensive pair of jeans. First off, you should know what a cheap skinny pair of jeans is. It is easy to differentiate because the devil is in the detail. How authentic is the quality of distress? Is the overall wash/color, fade of the denim real? Is the placement of the rips and repairs having a natural look? These are the questions that need to be answered to validate the authenticity of your pair of jeans.

Also the worth of your jeans is on how your dress it. If you are going for a casual look ensure from head to toe it is casual. Skinny jeans go well with oversized tees and sweaters. To complete your look go for sneakers or your cute flats. Accessorize with metallic, silver or gold accessories or better yet a more earthly African jewelry.

So whether your pair of jeans is expensive or cheap it is all up to you to be aware. Try out a casual look with skinnies this weekend with your partner and have fun with it. Include your children too in the dress up, who said it has to be rushed. Take your time and make it fun!

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