Skincare Mistake You Probably Didn’t Know About

Your facial skin is a very delicate part of your body, as much as we love to look our very best we should also remember that too many products can cause build up or a lack of absorption in your products.

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There are a couple of mistakes we make when going about our skincare routine, then we observe that our skincare products are not working as they should.

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Its because you are using it the wrong way! Here are those mistakes you make that you probably didn’t know of;

1. Over exfoliating

Exfoliate only two or three times a week. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells in your face. You need new skin cells to be renewed before you exfoliate again.

2. Face and bar soap; a serious NO! NO!!

Avoid using bar soaps for your face, its best you use a liquid facial soap to wash your face they are smoother and loosens your skin.

3. Touching your face

At work most people have the habit of touching their face if they are stress, its normal but you should stop doing that! Your hands will obviously be dirty from carrying of file, eating snacks and counting money.

The last thing you want is using such dirty hands on your face.

4. Visit a dermatologists once in a while

Dermatologists are doctors for your skin. They can tell you things that other people can’t, with the scientific education and experience to back it up.

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