Skincare error: things you should never use on your face

The face should be handled with utmost care as its the first thing a person sees when they approach you.

They are a lot of beauty DIY out there, with different trick on how to manage your facial glow but there are some things you should never consider using on your face.

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Here are things to avoid at all cost and resist from using on the face;

Body lotion

When you run out of facial moisturizer, you might be tempted to substitute it with your body lotion. Resist this temptation. Most body lotions are thicker than facial moisturizers so they are more likely to clog your pores. They may also contain fragrances and other ingredients that can cause allergic reactions to the delicate skin of your face.


Urine contains mostly water and a compound called urea. Many creams include a lab-made form of urea because it binds to moisture in the air and draws it to your skin. For this reason, some people believe pee is the secret to smooth skin. Apart from the fact that it’s just gross, urine does not contain enough urea for it to matter.

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Nail polish

Using nail polish for face painting is a popular hack. However, nail polish contains acrylic molecules that can harm your facial skin, stripping away moisture from your face, leaving it dry and dull.

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