Singer, Madonna leaves ‘strict rules on how to manage her legacy and $850m fortune’ after being hospitalised

Pop Queen, Madonna Louise Ciccone has left strict rules on how to manage her iconic legacy and $850M fortune after her near-death experience.

Recall that the songstress, 64, was reportedly found unconscious on June 28 and ‘revived with drug Narcan’ to combat septic shock before being rushed to ICU with a bacterial infection.

According to The Sun, Madonna has laid down the law with music execs with what to do with her music after her passing.

It’s believed the singer is adamant about tarnishing her image and has ruled out the idea of living on via hologram.

A source told the publication: ‘With the exception of Abba Voyage, the use of holograms to bring performers to life has been questionable, to say the least’.

They continued: ‘Whitney Houston’s hologram tour was panned by critics and Madonna refuses to let money-hungry bosses do the same to her.

‘She has spent her whole life calling the shots and maintaining cultural relevance — and there is no chance she’s letting all her hard work be tarnished.’

It is also believed in a bid to avoid family squabbles over her eye-popping $850M fortune she plans on sharing the rights to her songs equally between her six children.

Madonna is mother to Lourdes, 26, Rocco, 22, David, 17, Mercy James, 16, and twins Estere and Stelle, 10.

It comes after Madonna was spotted back on her feet on Sunday in New York City just 11 days after her deadly hospital dash.

The pop superstar was seen taking a stroll with a friend in her Upper East Side neighborhood, according to an article by PageSix.

Madonna was given an injection of the drug Narcan – commonly used to reverse suspected drug overdoses – to combat acute septic shock before she was rushed on June 28 to hospital, reported Radar Online.

The singer has been mostly bedridden as she remains ‘weak and very tired’ following the ordeal.

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