Singer Lojay recounts how his estranged girlfriend stabbed him with a fork over an argument

Lekan Osifeso Jnr, better known as Lojay, a Nigerian singer-songwriter, has said that his estranged girlfriend stabbed him with a fork during an altercation, glamsquad reports 



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He claimed he was in a toxic relationship and was attempting to make it work, but tensions between him and his ex erupted into a heated battle.

The Monalisa singer said that the dispute escalated into a physical brawl after his ex-girlfriend stabbed him in the chest with a fork and slammed a kettle on his head.

He revealed this when appearing as a guest on the most recent episode of the On The Radar podcast.

“It was just like a really rough time in our relationship and things were just running out of control,” Lojay explained. For both of us, it had become really poisonous. But we were attempting to make the relationship work.

“On one specific day, we had a disagreement. It got heated, and I tried to leave the room, but she said, “I’m not leaving the room.” She shut the door and hid the keys. And I was attempting to reopen the door. No, I believe she was attempting to lock the door as I attempted to grab her. I was yelling at her from behind, “Stop, stop!” She then stabbed me in the chest. I was still processing the shock when she tried to stab me again, which I stopped with my hand.

“That same day, a kettle smashed my head.” After stabbing me, she banged my skull with a kettle. I was unable to escape since she had locked the doors and thrown the keys.”

He warned supporters to always walk away if their spouses become too hostile.

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