Sienna Miller Makes Come Back! Covers Vogue Magazine

Sienna Miller’s remarkable comeback is celebrated as she graces the cover of Vogue Magazine in a stunning display of talent, sophistication, and resilience. After a brief hiatus from the limelight, Miller has emerged with an awe-inspiring presence that reaffirms her status as a fashion and acting icon.

With a career spanning over two decades, she has captivated audiences worldwide with her exceptional performances on stage and screen.

Miller, 41, is already mother to Marlowe -whom she co-parents with the actor Tom Sturridge-  and now is having another girl. She’s 28 weeks into the pregnancy, with boyfriend Oli Green, 27, an actor with whom she has been in a relationship since 2021.

Today she’s dressed in a black tank top and roomy, low-hanging Levi’s, held up by what looks like a silk sash; her hair is hanging long and loose in a way that many a stylist would undoubtedly spend hours trying to emulate. Two dogs—Walter, a mini dachshund, and Tennessee, a rescue from the American South—swirl around our ankles as we form a plan. The agenda had been refreshingly vague—though she warns me that she’s starving.

Speaking on her relationship and career, the beautiful actress had a lot to say. Read Vogue Magazine more details.

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