Shordie Shordie pauses stage performance to punch a fan (video)

Rapper Shordie Shordie has gone viral after being caught slapping a fan for allegedly making gang signals at his event.

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The Baltimore rapper took the stage at the El Rey Theatre in Chico, California, over the weekend.


Shordie Shordie is onstage performing when a man wearing a red bandana starts throwing up supposed gang signs at him, as shown in the video that has been spreading on social media.


Shordie smacks the concertgoer in the face after a few seconds, forcing the man to stagger before a member of the rapper’s entourage delivers a crushing blow that sends the fan crashing to the ground.

When the fan got back up, security broke up the fight and removed him out of the venue.


Later, Shordie Shordie took to social media to defend his behaviour.


“On that incident that occurred last night,” he started in a short video shared to his Instagram Stories. “That was no fan.” That was not a lady. That was a rude ass n***a who deserved to have his face whacked. That is exactly what we did. That’s the way it is.”


View the video below.

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