Sho Madjozi Teams Up with TikTok for ‘Spirits Up’

South African superstar Sho Madjozi has teamed up with TikTok for a new dance challenge and song to lift our “Spirits Up” during these dark times.

Speaking to a small group media representatives on Thursday, the “Huku” star shared about why she collaborated with the video-sharing social media platform, why she made “Spirits Up” and revealed why she hasn’t dropped new music or and album yet.

When asked why young people are drawn to TikTok, Sho Madjozi said: “I think you’re seeing a more active, more visual platform that wasn’t available. The amount of creativity that TikTok allows is so cool. The editing I find to be like really nice and easy. I think young people are more visually oriented. Even more so when the visuals come with sounds, cool dance moves.”

Speaking about “Spirits Up” and why she teamed up with TikTok, the “Wakanda Forever” hitmaker said: “I want to encourage people to look at the brighter side of life – to remain positive and try to have fun among all this madness. This is why I chose to partner with TikTok on this launch. While I have been at home, TikTok has been a platform for me to find joy and entertainment. Even more so, it has been a way for me to connect with my fans.”

During the preview session when asked when we can expect new music , the performer revealed that she has signed to a label. Although she couldn’t say which record label yet, she did confirm that we can expect new music this year.

She is also set to perform “Spirits Up” live on her TikTok page at 7pm on July 3.

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