Sheila Courage replies Isreal DMW for cursing her

Sheila seems to be an older lady in a 22- year old body and an outspoken one as that. It’s obvious as she replies her enstranged husband, Israel DMW for cursing her. Read also: It was entertainment wrongly presented – Israel DMW tenders apology to Muslims on behalf of Davido over controversial video

Sheila Courage
Sheila Courage

Israel had issued a curse on Sheila stating that any man who get intimate with her will die untimely unless he didn’t pay her bride price. He also invoked Edo gods on her.

This is absurd, you can’t beat a child and ask her not to cry. Sheila replied in a post on her Instagram page questioning how Isreal’ curse would come to pass when God has not spoken such concerning her. Read also: “Allow oga’s name rest” – Israel DMW weighs in on Davido’s infedility scandal

Quoting a verse in the bible, she questioned how a curse would come to pass when God has not commanded it.

Her words,

“Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass when the Lord commandeth it not? Lamentations 3:37 KJV”.

See screenshot below,


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