Shade Ladipo: Five Things I Learnt From Toke Makinwa


On air personality Shade Ladipo, co-host of The Grapevine on Smooth 98.1 FM, Independent TV Producer and a Travel Entrepreneur wrote an interesting article about Toke Makinwa. Here are some tips she learnt below:


1. Your personal Life is Up For Grabs As Long As You Make It Work For You
A lot of criticism followed Toke in 2014 on how much she over exposed her personal life but hey She don marry innit?? All I’m saying is as long as you make all the Negative/Positive Press work in your favor then that is a big WIN in my books because from the Looks of things Toke is still happily married and nowadays you don’t see anything unintentional in the Media about her personal life anymore. GBAM
Tip A: Take pictures with only the cute members of your family or preferably the yellow ones, cute babies and cute older uncles work.
Tip B: Find a cute male friend, cover his face while sitting on his lap and call him Bae (also put a cute long story of how long you guys have known each other).

I know alot of people thought I would be all negative on this subject but far from been negative or positive I AM BEING OBJECTIVE.

Toke Makinwa-Ayida is a celebrity by her own doing (and she didnt need a sex tape to do it). Did she do some things wrong last year yes but she did a lot of things right plus she stepped up her Emceeing game last year as well (she even listened to me and has toned down the phonee lol).

There should be a manual on how to be a celebrity without actually being a celebrity and Toke should write it‎.


2. Live Your Life Like Its Glamorous
Toke seems to have a GLAM life and in the world of Social Media that is a big plus for getting the world to look in your direction. Even if she doesn’t have a glamorous life, from the outside it sure looks like it. So you want everyone looking then live it up, turn up with class, hang out with the hottest ladies, be seen at the IT events and trust me it all looks like you’re hotter than Kim K (You better have money to buy some event tickets oh)
Tip A: Every picture you post make sure you look like you’re having fun, laugh hard, stick out your tongue, cover your face with a cap, get a tattoo, anything that will make you look wanton and happy

3. Celebrity Friends Dont hurt
Friendships are usually hard to cultivate in these days of over-exposure and ‘fakers’ but if you go the Toke way its possible to have almost every celebrity wanting to be in the same mix with you without even being as close and tight as everyone would think. Everyone likes a good support system and Toke seems to provide that with her various platforms and been available to meet and attend personal events of these celebrities and truly having some celebrity friends doesn’t hurt one bit (As long as you also have some value to provide them oh)
Tip A: Make friends with upcoming and insecure artistes, they are willing to be friends with almost everyone.
Tip B: Target celebs that dont have cars or dont have easy access to things you have access to.

4. Social Media Ready
Without a doubt being social media ready is something everyone thinks they have on lock down but did you get noticed tho? From her Vlog to Instagram, Keek, Facebook et al, Toke was prepared for every opportunity to upload the right pictures (always taken properly) and every video seemed real and fun to watch.
Tip A: Get a good phone (Samsung is probably the best, you can get 2nd hand from an uncle or father).
Tip B: Always have an attache friend who will always be willing to take all the pictures and make sure you pose plenty until you find the perfect picture, also make sure you post the picture before you go for the event and of course filter filter filter.

5. Looking Good is Good Business.
Although everyone called Toke the MTN of 2013/2014, Mrs Ayida has proven that looking good is a definite step in being seen. Every event she appeared she looked like the belle of the ball from her hair to her nails and of course her clothes/shoes. Without a doubt if you want to be noticed then this is a very important step (If you can afford it of course).
Tip A: Get a stylist If you can afford one).
Tip B: Raid you friends and family’s wardrobe but please dont sleep with men for clothes and shoes oh.



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