Sexiest Man Alive Dwayne Rock Johnson Talks About Being A Single Father

Dwayne Johnson is a busy guy balancing his insanely successful career, personal life and new title of Sexiest Man Alive. The Moana star appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday and opens up about his 11-month-old daughter Jasmine Johnson and how his kids (he also has daughter Simone Johnson, 15), are the best part of his life.
“It’s the greatest blessing just being a dad,” he tells host Ellen DeGeneres. When a video of baby Jasmine hitting her buff father’s head plays for the audience, The Rock revealed that it’s one of her favorite activities.
“That’s one of her favorite games, drumming on daddy’s head,” he explains. “It’s what she loves to do.”
He adds, “I’m teaching her very bad habits.”
Because The Rock is surrounded by women at home, he decided he needed a little more testosterone so he got an adorable dog named Hobbs. “I have a house full of women and that’s my guy,” he explains.
The Rock and Hobbs do tons of activities together, including hitting the gym—something Johnson rarely misses.
The Ballers star also talks to Ellen about some his fans—moms in particular—and joked that he’s had some awkward experiences while walking press lines and red carpets. Recalling one specific incident, Johnson reveals someone once yelled, “‘Hey! You’re my mom’s hall pass, dude!'”
Ellen and The Rock also discuss the “evolution of a sex symbol” that is part of his career, and use a hilarious montage of pictures from his WWE career to his most notable movie roles to demonstrate how far he’s come. Shout out to those “outrageous fanny packs” and “pencil-thin mustaches” he once donned.
Perhaps Ellen puts it best when she congratulates him for becoming “the sexy hunk of man meat” he is today.
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