Seun Kuti reflects on his father’s legacy and emotional loss

Seun Kuti reflects on his father's legacy and emotional loss

Controversial Afrobeat singer, Oluseun Anikulapo Kuti, better known as Seun Kuti has disclosed how his father’s death affected his life.

Seun, the last child of late legendary Afrobeats pioneer, Fela Anikulapo Kuti disclosed the bond he had with his father and the experience of losing him.

In an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Seun talked about the contrast between his relationship with his father and that of his older siblings.

He expressed sympathy for them, emphasizing that he had experienced a different, more positive relationship with his father due to the age he had.

“Fela was a model father; he was very different from the stories I heard of my elder ones. I feel bad for them. I can’t lie.”

“I tell them all the time, I enjoyed it for you guys. Trust me, I held it down. I did not slack.”

“By the time he had me, he was 44; he was always home, so my relationship with him was very different from that of my siblings very, very different. I know that for a fact”.

Seun further talked about how his father’s death affected him emotionally, emphasizing how hard it was for him to cope with the sad loss and move on.

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According to the father of one, he was very close to everyone, so when he passed away, it was an even more painful experience that he is still trying to overcome. He also said that the pain was so deep that he cried for a long time.

“I grieved for my dad because he was the closest person to me, and he was the first person I know that died, so for me, it was a really impactful experience losing my dad; it was like losing my best friend, my dad, and a family member, all in one. I really grieved for a long time. I grieved for my dad.”

He added that he was on a music tour at the time of his mother’s death, which prevented him from grieving for her in the way that he should have.

“The one I didn’t grieve was my mom. I had a tour. There was no time to break down.”

“If I’m going to share some of my mental issues on your show, it’s like I think I’m grieving my mom in stages; kind of, I’ve not really had time to really delve into that, but the bad part is past, and I still grieve her from time to time. I don’t have complete closure for my mom like I do for my dad.”

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