See What Makes Ilebaye The Winner of BBNaija All Stars Edition (Video)

Ilebaye has emerged as the winner of the BBNaija All-Stars edition, solidifying her place as the third female housemate to claim the title, following in the footsteps of Mercy and Phyna.

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Throughout the season, Ilebaye weathered the backlash and bullying within the house, where many wrongly accused her of deceit and playing the victim card.

However, in the beginning of the show, she had little hope of being the finalist, but she later worked her way into the hearts of many fans, and she somehow persevered until the very end and claimed the N120 million.

Transitioning from being the third housemate evicted in BBNaija Season 7 (Level Up) to emerging as the champion of this edition marks a significant achievement for her.

The reality television show, renowned for its captivating blend of housemate interactions, intense competitions, and surprising plot twists, has once more enraptured audiences both in Nigeria and around the world.

The BBNaija All Stars edition brought together a diverse group of former housemates who had left their mark on previous seasons of the show. With a blend of fan favorites, memorable personalities, and strategic players, the competition was fierce from the very beginning. Contestants from different walks of life and parts of Nigeria came together under one roof, all vying for the 120 million price.

The edition started with 20 housemates competing for the 120 million prize. Four housemate guests were introduced to reduce the tension in the house and bring in another mix of characters, and in the final week, six housemates were left to fight for the position of champion.

The grand finale of the BBNaija All Stars edition was a spectacular event filled with excitement and anticipation. As the tension mounted and the votes were counted, it became evident that Ilebaye had captured the audience’s hearts and secured its place in history as the winner of this edition.

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