Savannah Chrisley opens up on attempted suicide as a teenager

Savannah Chrisley

American reality TV star, Savannah Chrisley has revealed she took a bottle of pills while attempting suicide as a teenager.

On Tuesday’s edition of her podcast “Unlock With Savannah Chrisley,” the former reality star discussed what transpired with Dr. Daniel Amen, five months after initially disclosing she had once attempted suicide.

The 25-year-old explained she swallowed a bunch of pills, but, “Obviously [it] didn’t work because I’m sitting here today — thank God.

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“But ever since then I feel like with my brain, my memory, it’s the most frustrating thing in the world because it feels so foggy.”

In the past, Chrisley has claimed that pastor Joel Osteen somewhat saved her because her father, Todd Chrisley, showed her a Romans 8:28 devotional the morning following her failed suicide attempt.

“It stated that through whatever hardships and adversities you go through, God’s gonna turn around and use it to your advantage,” she recalled in a November 2022 podcast episode.

Savannah added at the time that her mindset changed “in a snap of a finger.”

She said, “I went from this anger towards God to in my heart saying, ‘All right, God, you know what, why not me?’ Like, ‘What makes me any better to have to go through these things than anyone else?’”

Savannah revealed to her listeners two months later that she “tried suicide as a teenager” for “a multitude of” reasons, including “the things people would say,” among others.

Nobody was aware that the then-teen had started receiving “game-changing” rigorous therapy since her family “hid it so well.”


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