Sacai FW 2023 Menswear Collection

Sacai Fall-Winter 2023 Menswear Collection which was displayed at the Paris fashion week gave way to another era of fashion as the designs showcased were impeccable as expected.

Different shades of colors where used – its safe to say its every shade of beautiful – with remarkable footwears.

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Oversized “fleeces” and some magnificent MA1 bombers with skirts fastened to the model’s shoulders were given additional dimensions and could be adjusted to make longer-form (even if we’d been here long enough) outerwear.

A sequence of catholically dark looks that contrasted with the impending disturbance were infused by the ominous blackness of space. A multicolored moonrise of degradé layers in knits marked the shift by progressively displacing the darkness and announcing the upcoming experiments.

The sequence of outfits designed with Moncler, a former co-creator with whom Sacai is rejoining for its 70th anniversary, that we saw at the end, was maybe the experimentation’s high point.

These combined piumino outerwear with tailoring, accessories, and skirts to produce a kind of modular macro-universe of dress within each look: single pieces with a variety of detachable components. All of humanity received them in parts.

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See full collection below;

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