[Rumor] Apple Could Partner with Porsche to Build Apple Cars

Rumors about the Apple Car have circulated frequently throughout 2021, but until lately, there had been no rumors linking Apple to Porsche.

According to rumors, Apple may be collaborating with Porsche to produce its Apple Cars.

Rumored Apple Car to be Produced by Porsche?

According to CleanTechnica, Apple’s effort toward Apple Cars includes the employment of Porsche’s former vice president, Manfred Harrer, “to help develop” the Apple Car. The car is expected to go into production in three years.

The article referred to a prior article in which Porsche AG and Apple were said to be in talks. However, no specifics were provided in the story regarding Porsche’s plans to lead the development of Apple Cars.

Apple Could Partner with Porsche to Build Apple Cars

Other Known Information Regarding Apple’s Work with Porsche

According to CleanTechnica, this would not be totally out of the question since Porsche decided to build its own EV platform. The company even turned its back on Volkswagen/Audi architecture in order to do this.

Per prominent leaker Ming-Chi Kuo, the company has even dissolved its Apple Car project team in order to strategically reorganize for potential mass production by the year 2025. The reorganization could happen between the span of three to six months.

Statements from the CEO of Porsche

Per CleanTechnica, although this does not present extremely compelling evidence, consumers already have the Apple CarPlay. A statement made by Oliver Blume, the CEO of Porsche, however, said that they will “expand that.”

The statement by Blume points towards the companies potentially building around the current Apple CarPlay. Additional statements by Blume note that both companies are “on the smae wavelength.”

How Much Would the Apple Car Cost?

According to a certain YouTuber known as Meet Kevin, this could result to extremely expensive “Bentley style vehicles.” The YouTuber then linked purchasing an Apple Car to purchasing a home, saying that despite “all day” batteries, users will likely still have to replace them by September.

On top of the statement, the YouTuber also joked that the charger, which might cost an extremely high price, would be sold separately. The note was made in reference to the running joke of chargers for smartphones being sold separately.

Could There be a Tesla Phone in the Future?

Another comment referred to the statement likening it to the thought of Tesla releasing its own Tesla phone. A Tesla phone, however, has not been confirmed and there are little to no information presenting a strong argument that this could happen in the future.

As of the writing, however, the upcoming Apple Car being built by Porsche remains still a rumor and has not yet been confirmed.