Ronnie Wilson, The Gap Band Founder, Is Dead

Ronnie Wilson, along with his brothers Charlie and Robert Wilson, was a founding member of the iconic funk and R&B ensemble the Gap Band.

Ronnie’s wife, Linda Boulware-Wilson, confirmed the news to TMZ, stating he died Tuesday morning, November 2, after suffering a stroke last week.

Ronnie Wilson, The Gap Band Founder, Is Dead

Boulware-Wilson described himself as a “genius at inventing, producing, and playing the flugelhorn, trumpet, keyboards, and singing music” in a statement. He was 73 years old.

Ronnie and his brothers, Charlie and Robert Wilson, formed The Gap Band back in the 1970s in Tulsa.

The Gap Band’s first album Magicians Holiday was released in 1974. Their biggest records arrived in the early 1980s. Gap Band III from 1980 featured “Burn Rubber on Me,” while 1982’s Gap Band IV included “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” and “Outstanding.”

The band remained prolific throughout the ’80s and released multiple albums in the ’90s. Robert Wilson died in 2010 at age 53.


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