RMD Speaks On Aging Gracefully

Nollywood veteran, Richard Mofe-Damijo better known as RMD by fans is one of the top actors in the Nigerian movie industry as of today.

Despite his age, RMD continues to remain relevant and remains one of the most sought after actors in the industry.

The talented actor in a recent interview with PUNCH spoke on his baldness and old age.

RMD who was known for his rich black hair back in the days revealed he has learned to embrace his bald head.

The 60-year-old actor said, “I embrace the fact that I am getting bald and old gracefully. I embrace the transition. It is not difficult for me to embrace getting old, everybody gets old. Why will I be afraid to be old?”

Meanwhile, Ruby Ojiakor, a popular Nollywood actress, has listed some challenges women in the Nigerian movie industry face in their quest to succeed in their chosen career.

The talented actress listed poor payments, sexual harassment and unhealthy competition – including use of charms and other diabolical means to gain fame and attention – among the actresses as some of the challenges the big screen queens face.

Ojiakor in an interview with Saturday Beats also stated that some movies were substandard because producers and directors refused to pay good fees to talented actors.

She said:

“One of the challenges in Nollywood is the (poor) fees paid to actors, and that is partly because the movie industry is crowded. When one states one’s price, they tend to offer a lesser amount. If one does not accept, some filmmakers would then look for someone else, even though the other actor cannot give them the quality the former one possesses.

That is why some movies are substandard. I don’t charge very high fees. I believe my fees are affordable, and some producers know my worth. However, there is a high influx of girls into the industry and some of them are ready to even pay the producers to get roles. The result is that the inexperienced actors mess up the movie productions. I am grateful for the producers that know my worth and pay me well.