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To Nigerian singer, Ric Hassani, being a celebrity is demanding that fans pay to look at you, and fashion helps the look worth the while. The singer revealed all these and more about his cravings

What’s fashion to you?
Fashion is everything to me. It has a huge control over how people respond to you; so it means a lot to me.
What’s your style?
I like clean looks. It should be done well, well sewn and sharp, that is what I can call my style; it should be clean and sharp.
What things do you do to have that desired look?
I showed a lot (laughs), I have a lot of haircuts because my hair grows fast and I always have to wear good cologne. The rest is just extra; those are the basic and foundational things I try to get done.
What is your favourite fashion item?
I’ll say shoes because I love them so much!
Do you exercise?
Yes o! I do (laughs), but it is when I have the time.
How often do you exercise?
Let’s see… sometimes once in three weeks (laughs), but when I’m on my A- game, I exercise six days a week.
So what do you do to relax?
I watch series, I drink orange juice, and I hang out with friends.
So how would you say fashion has enhanced your brand?
A lot o! Fashion has enhanced my brand. Being an artist and being a performer it means you’re asking people to pay you to stare at you, so it has to be worth their stare and their money (laugh). So when they’re looking at you, they’re looking at your sense of style, how you dress, how you put things together to look as good as you do. So that what being a celebrity is and every look should be worth the time and money of your fan.
How would you describe your eating habit?
I eat a lot! I’m always eating something but thankfully it doesn’t show, but whenever it does, the gym is there.
What’s your ideal vacation spot?
That’ll be Malawi.
So what are you passionate about in life?
Aside food? I mean food means almost everything to me (laugh) give me Semo and Banga soup, and that looks like everything! But on a serious note, I am passionate about music and life. I love life a lot!
Do you have a skincare regimen?
I use this cloth-like sponge someone recommended to me. It has been working well for my skin, I don’t remember the name, but the sponge is quite “janded” and using it so far, the experience has been lit!
What’s your watchword in life?
A big shot is only a small shot that kept on shooting. So however little your endeavours are, just keep on shooting and before you know it, you’re a big shot!
What’s your life rule?
Don’t disrespect me. Respect is very important, respect and integrity. Nothing is worth losing your respect for, and no one is worth disrespecting yourself for. Give respect to people so that they can respect you in return because you have to give it to get it.
What’s your fashion Rule?
Always look clean and sharp.


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