Gist and Rumors: Could this be why Fancy Acholonu dumped Alexx Ekubo?

An alleged infidelity has been related to the separation of Nollywood star Alexx Ekubo and his ex-lover Fancy Acholonu.

According to Cutie Julls, an Instagram blogger, the lovebirds split up because of a lady who tried all in her power to snare Alex from Fancy, and she succeeded in breaking up the relationship in the long run.

According to the blogger, the woman in issue submitted Fancy nude videos of herself in Alex’s place in order to get out of the relationship.
Alex Ekubo was constantly asked about his relationship with the lady by Fancy Acholonu, but he denied having a romantic relationship with her.

Fancy Acholonu reacted by blocking Alex Ekubo on all social media networks and ending the relationship, despite Alex Ekubo’s pleadings.

Cutie_Julls wrote:

So y’all know Alex and fancy dated for sometime before meeting in person. So when Alex finally confirmed their dating etc, this particular lady started sending Fancy messages of how she is involved with Alex bla bla bla.

Sending her threatening messages at time o. Fancy kept asking Alex and he denied all knowledge of it. So after the Oba Obi Cubana thing, Alex somehow somehow got into a mess.

Our source did not say they were knacking. But apparently the mystery girl sent videos of her in Alex’s home to Fancy. And called her desperado etc. She even mocked her on top. With Video evidences of this mystery girl in Alex house confirms indeed there is some sort of relationship.

Alexx Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu

So that was how Fancy blocked Alex everywhere. Phone, social media etc. Cuz to her, the same lady you’ve denied having anything to do with is sending current videos of she in your house. In the middle of the night.

Oga Alex beg tey, even begged through people he thought Fancy will normally listen to. Fancy stood her grounds and said no.

Hmm Oga Alex was far gone with preparations o. There is even this popular drink people that Oga Alex had deposited about N8mil with for deposit to supply drinks. [You can confirm from Alex if you doubt].

Hmm all preparations etc just went down the drain cuz Fancy got a yankee girl mind. No is no. Nothing like, “it won’t happen again. Give me another chance” when there is proof that you lied.

Hmmm so people that’s how we lost this beautiful union that we were all looking forward to.”

Alexx Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu