REMI MA – inspiration for doing the undoable

With Remi Ma’s collaborative single with Fat Joe “All the way up” garnering so much success, I just had to talk about the rapper once more. Remi Martin, a femal rapper discovered by late Big Pun and an associate of Fat Joe under the Terror Squad label is doing what no other rapper has been able to do either male or female.

What she is doing in rap terms is coined “coming from the belly of the beast”. She was incarcerated in 2008 and was in jail till 2014 (6 years) and still came back to mainstream success. In fact “All the way up” her single with Fat joe has so far peaked at number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Remy Ma only the fourth female rapper this decade to earn a Top 40 hit on that chart. The other three female rappers are Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and Missy Elliott. As of June 18, 2016, the song has sold 217,691 copies in the United States.

As a big fan of the female rapper, I have been following her on Instagram and watching her since she came out of Jail two years ago. I watched the process of her settling back into life and gradually getting into the hip hop community after her release. Honestly I didn’t think she was going to make it back to mainstream music again. I just was happy she was out of jail but hey! This Diva has defied the odds.

No rapper has been able to get back into life fully and commercial hip hop success after a lengthy jasil term so far. Ask Foxy Brown, Shyne, DMX and the others. They just travel around the US in clubs and liquor stores playing their old works if they even get to make it that far.

Also to be noted is Fat Joe her other half of the duo has not been making music for a while, following him on Instagram Joe crack had gone from a gangsta rapper to a latino motivational empowerment personality. But out comes Remy and in two years of playing around, they are all the way up.


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