Social media corners are buzzing with Rihanna preganacy rumours, even without a baby bump tpp make it official. This is due to the usually slim celeb looking chubby and dressing to cover up in recent pictures.

But, here’s an odd idea…maybe she’s just gained a bit of weight! There is absolutely nothing wrong with Riri putting on a few pounds because she still looks gorgeous. Even though we’re not 100% whether she’s really pregnant or not, people on social media have already made their minds about her alleged condition.

If you look up “Rihanna pregnant” right now, you’ll see that fans everywhere are, without a reasonable doubt, saying that she’s definitely expecting. Pregnancies rumors aren’t anything new in Hollywood and the majority of them turn out to be just that..rumors. However, many believe that they know exactly what they’re talking about when to comes to this bad gyal.


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