Reasons You Should Date A Shy Guy

Ever wondered why you can’t seem to get enough of shy guys? Well me neither, as they have this form of calm and peace that comes with them.

If you like dating a shy guy, I advice you stick to your preference.

Here are reasons why shy guys are just the best;

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Shy Guys Are Attractive

Shy guys are attractive AF, how many shy guys do you know are ugly, let me guess; none.

They are mostly less talkers so I guess that’s why they do not have much friends.

Calmer and Less Threatening

It’s easy to approach shy guys. They appear less intimidating and exude a calm demeanor.

This tranquility can be particularly valuable in situations where emotions are bottled up and some calm is required.

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Good in bed

Yes I said it, they are good in bed, they are not like this rough guys that will want to hang you on the wall and break your waist all in the name of sex, no, they pay attention to your body they are attentive lover; very gentle and know the right buttons to push.

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