Reason Why You Shouldn’t Cheat On your Partner

Although some people may say cheating is inevitable in relationship, and yeah sometimes that could be the case but you should know one thing, the moment you cheat on your partner the level of trust will no longer be there.

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Be it a one night-stand or some meaningless hook up, you just seem to be insecure; “what if he or she finds out? what next?” A whole lots of thought keeps running through your mind.

Here are 3 reasons you should never cheat on your partner;

According to 3 guys by the names Jacob, Andrew, Jake when asked what’s their take on cheating they had this to say;

Jacob :”You don’t tell me you love me and then sleep with some other guy…its disrespectful.

Andrew: “it kind of creates a building block around their heart for fear of being hurt again.”

Jake: ” do you get over the fact that your partner was in  someone else hand?”.

Cheating not only makes you insecure as stated earlier, it also makes you doubt your love for your partner most especially if the side piece has something’s your partner doesn’t, so to avoid such thought don’t cheat.

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