Rapper, Mase responds after Diddy called him a ‘fake pastor’ and claimed he owes him $3 Million

Mase, a rapper and pastor, has responded after Hip-hop icon Diddy denied allegations that he stole from his artists, claiming Mase owes him $3 million, glamsquad reports.


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Diddy was asked if it was true that he stole from his artistes on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday, October 5, after Mase claimed Diddy still owed him money from their time at Bad Boy Records.


According to iTunes, Ma$e’s subsequent albums, Welcome Back and Double Up, were also released by Bad Boy. Diddy then claimed that Ma$e owes him $3 million for an advance on an album that he never delivered.


Mase, like Diddy, was accused of stealing money from one of his own artists, according to DJ Envy. Envy asked Diddy if he sees the situation as a “I told you so” moment.

“No, I don’t see it that way,” Diddy replied.


Diddy went on to say that he “didn’t do anything” to Mase and that his previous claims were “negative propaganda.”

“It really tried to tarnish my legacy,” he said.


“I don’t like getting in and just talking about people’s business and stuff like that… [but] I can’t have you all following me because I’m here to be a leader and give some direction; if you think I’m a scumbag who will ever steal anything—my name is Diddy, Sean Combs, and I’ve never stolen anything from anybody in my life. All I’ve ever given someone is an opportunity and more money than they were making.”


Charlamagne asked Diddy directly if he “steals” from his artists, to which he responded, “Never.”


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Charlamagne questioned why so many different artists had accused Diddy of stealing money from them.


“When you get to a certain point and the money is running low, you gotta run this hustle to find somebody to blame,” Diddy responded.


“I’ve got all of my receipts.” Instead, he went on to directly address Mase, whom he claimed owed him money.

“The Mase thing in general. Mase and I collaborated on one album. Only one album. “How much do you think I owe this guy?” he asked, referring to Mase’s Harlem World album from 1997. “And then he pretended to be a pastor and conned people.” And you’re going to let him smear the god’s name. Anyone is welcome to attend and participate. Bring your receipts with you. But I’m not going to play. I’m back outside, ready to fight for us. And I’m also fighting back for myself.” It’s worth noting, however, that Mase went on to release two more albums on Diddy’s Bad Boy Records.


“Mase owes me $3 million,” Diddy claimed, claiming that he gave the rapper the money as an advance on an album that he never delivered.


“Those are facts; I have the receipts.” And I’m not going to argue with Mase. I’m not going to argue with anyone. I’m just going to speak for myself now. Anyone who believes I owe them money, show me the receipt and you’ll be paid within 24 hours.”

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