Rapper, Eva Alordiah Opens Up On Her Battle With Depression

Rapper, Eva Alordiah has opened up on her battle with depression in a lengthy thread shared on her official Twitter page.

The hip-hop star revealed that 3 years ago she was broke, tired of her existence and no one knew what she was going through.

Eva AlordiahShe shared that as she went through that phase she started communicating with herself and she discovered her identity from it.

The rapper noted that she felt excited to learn how to make money outside being a music artist.

Eva shared that content creation, online marketing was one of the best things she ever discovered as she was able to make 17 million naira on Instagram in a space of 9 months.

She shared that a lot of pressure is off her shoulders now seeing that she can make money outside of music.

The rapper noted that she is learning to rap again, enjoy music and now she would only make music from a place of comfort.

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