Rapper Drake stakes $1 million on Argentina to win the World Cup final


Drake will be paid $2.75 million if Argentina defeats France to win the World Cup on Sunday in Doha.

The famous performer placed a mind-blowing $1 million wager on Argentina to win the World Cup. If Argentina are able to defeat the reigning champions France, he will make a fortune.

Drake has previously placed sizeable bets on football. In October, he placed $600,000 bets on Arsenal defeating Leeds United in the Premier League and on Barcelona winning the El Clasico. The Gunners did not let him down, but Real Madrid defeated the Barcelona 3-1.

La Albiceleste might be worried about Canadian wagering on the World Cup final due to the infamous “Drake Curse.”

When a team or individual has any connection to rappers or music producers, they frequently have bad luck. Anyone who is an athlete and hangs out with Drake often experiences bad luck.

The American rapper took to his Instagram page sharing a screenshot of the amount he staked.

Captioning the post, he wrote: “My bet is in for tmrw @stake.”

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