Prof Akindele Adetoye apologizes to TuFace for calling him an illiterate

The professor had recently called the pop singer an ‘illiterate’ on the pages of  social media, over 2Baba’s intent of leading a national protest come February 5. Prof Akindele Adetoye had earlier responded   “You are a bloody illiterate. You had sex with all manners of girls without using condoms. You impregnated them and made babies all over the place. You now want to lead protest against the government because of lack of governance! Have you governed your own personal life? Charity, they say begins at home. Nonsense!

Although his criticism had generated heavy backlash for attacking the personality of the singer, Prof Akindele Adetoye has now reached a personal terms to finally apologize.

In his apology, the professor admitted he shouldn’t have described 2face as an “illiterate”.

Prof Akindele Adetoye apologized to 2 face

He wrote, “Good day brethren, I put up an update yesterday that incurred the wrath of some of my friends and the population at large for what some considered its harshness to another member of the Nigerian community.

“In hindsight, I believe I was indeed harsh. I believe I am wrong to have come at him in the manner in which I did. He’s in love with our nation like I am and like the rest of us.

“It was in finding a lasting remedy to our national malaise that I believe my passion took the best of me, and it was in that regard that I erred.

“I apologize for that and I apologize to those whom my update affected in any manner. I was wrong and I am sorry.

“Thank you and God bless you all.”


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