President Buhari Spotted in ₦249,139 Bottega Venta Shoes

Nigeria President Mohammed Buhari was spotted rocking a Venta shoe, Bottega worth £535 ( ₦249,139.87).This is not the first time Mr. President is stepping out with this shoe.

A quick check on the shoe showed it was worth £535, and is foreign.

This photo of the president wearing an expensive designer shoes stirred up so many opinions and speculations. many people will say, the average Nigerian citizen is suffering , yet the president is walking about with a N240k shoes. While others will say, the president deserves to look smart and expensive because he is the Number one citizen, and can actually afford to look rich.

Some people will also say that the President does not encourage Made-In-Nigeria products, what stops him from patronizing our Local shoe makers, and encourage their trade?

We will love to here you opinion on this.

See photos below;

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