Preserving Your Investment: 6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hermès Bag

Preserving Your Investment: 6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hermès Bag

Now that you’ve finally decided to purchase an Hermès secondhand bag, your next priority should be maintaining it. After all, you want to preserve your investment and make the most of your highly coveted luxury accessory for a long time.
Designer bags are exquisite pieces crafted with precision and premium materials, which means they deserve attention to maintain their allure. Regular care also prevents wear and tear, ensuring their longevity and sustaining their value.

Moreover, proper care and maintenance reflect a commitment to personal style and appreciation for artisanal expertise. A well-maintained designer bag enhances your overall look, exuding sophistication and attention to detail.

By taking care of your iconic and valuable accessory, you not only extend its lifespan but also convey a symbol of enduring refinement.

How to Maintain and Take Care of Your Hermès Bags
If you want to preserve the pristine condition and look of your Hermès bag, follow these tips:

Keep it clean.
Giving your designer bag a quick wipe down after using it can go a long way in preserving it.
Gently wipe your bag with a lint-free microfiber cloth to remove dirt and dust from the fabric and hardware. Use a clean, soft brush to reach cracks. If you have a good-quality, highly recommended leather balm, apply it to give it an additional layer of protection.

Also, empty your bag to remove lint, dirt and anything that can soil or stain it, such as pens, candies and used tissues, especially before storing it.
Always use a dry, soft microfiber towel, never moist or wet, to clean its interior and exterior. Avoid commercial and homemade cleaning solutions as well since these may damage your bag.

If your bag needs thorough cleaning and repairs, check for any Hermès handbag spas near you. They have trained professionals who can do these without damaging your luxury piece.

Lastly, Hermès bags come in various types of leather, including smooth and grained, each with specific characteristics and needs. Research your accessory’s material to learn safe and effective ways to maintain and clean it.

Store it properly.
When you’re not using your bag, store it properly by following these steps:
Store your bag in the cloth bag provided by Hermès, in its original protective or soft tissues and box, if you still have them, so it lies in the correct position.
If your handbag is made of soft leather, stuff it with clean, soft tissues and other pieces of cloth or padding so it retains its shape.

Keep your bag away from direct sunlight and heat since these elements can lead to fading and discoloration. They can also cause leather to dry out and crack.
Place your bag in a dry, well-ventilated place so it won’t sweat and absorb unpleasant odors.
If you’re storing the bag for a long time, take it out of the box or storage area occasionally to air it.

Protect it from harsh weather and natural elements.
Leather and certain types of fabric are sensitive to extreme heat, light, water and oil. Humidity and dryness can also affect their condition.
Keep your bag’s condition and look by not wearing it when you expect to be outdoors for long hours when the temperature is high. Also, as mentioned, avoid leaving it near windows and inside cars when there is a chance it will be exposed to intense sunlight.
If your bag gets splashed with water, wipe it with a soft, clean cloth right away. This prevents the start of stains and blisters.

Avoid putting objects in the bag that can stain it.
Some materials can leave permanent or hard-to-remove marks on leather and other handbag fabrics. These include ink from pens and markers and oil from your makeup, lipstick and perfumes.
If you have a light-colored handbag, repeated contact with dark and raw textiles, such as denim, can also cause stains and marks.

Whenever possible, avoid putting these items in your luxury bag. Place them in a small purse or Ziplock to ensure they won’t leave a mess in your handbag’s interior.
Also, if your denim outerwear or pants are wet due to water or sweat, keep your bag away from it.

Avoid stuffing heavy items in your bag.
Although an Hermès bag is durable and long-lasting, especially if you take care of it well, it can still get damaged if you use it to carry heavy objects. These items include thick laptops, full water bottles and several books.

To avoid this, be mindful of how much weight you carry in your handbag. If you don’t, your bag might get stretched and deformed, particularly if you keep stuffing it with heavy items.
If you can’t hand-carry these items, look for a different bag where you can put them.

Protect the bag handles.
The handles of lightly colored luxury bags are sensitive to discoloration and peeling. This is usually caused by the hand moisturizers or cream you leave behind when you touch them.

These products contain oil, which can affect the color and condition of your bag. This can damage your handbag faster if you use it frequently,
Wrapping the handles with twills or scarves, which Hermès has plenty of, allows you to protect them from the oils in your hands. These accessories look great as well and give you and your bag a unique, whimsical personality.

As a bonus tip, remember to give your Hermès bag enough rest. This means only using it for a few days and giving it a few weeks’ holiday.
This simple tip, plus the others mentioned, ensures you can have an Hermès bag you can wear and flaunt for years anywhere, even in the swankiest beach resorts.