Popular singer, Peter Okoye identifies only two tribes in Nigeria

According to Peter Okoye of the P-Square music group, Nigeria has only two tribes: the poor and the rich, glamsquad reports.


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The popular music star, who is a staunch supporter of Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, made the claim in a verified Twitter tweet.

According to the tweet, the poor masses’ inability to band together and fight for better governance has kept them as slaves to a few wealthy Nigerians.


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He urged Nigerians, particularly eligible voters, to exercise caution when casting ballots in the upcoming general elections.


“In Nigeria, there are only two tribes: the poor and the rich,” he wrote. The poor outnumber the rich, but the rich have managed to keep the poor in perpetual slavery because the poor have refused to band together and fight for their freedom. Vote wisely in the 2023 election #ObiDatti023.”

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